Pink Prosecco

Pink Prosecco

Pink Prosecco is the latest chapter in the story of the world’s finest fun-loving sparkling wine.

The first ever PINK Prosecco  DOC Rosé delivery to arrive in the UK. A toast, if you will.

Pink Prosecco has taken a long time to make it into glasses direct from source here in Treviso, northern Italy.  Like they say, good things come to those who wait, but why has our delicious pink drink only just found its way to you?

Well, that’s simple.  Pink Prosecco and rosé Prosecco production has only just been approved by the Italian government because our country takes everything about its liveliest export very seriously. The history and processes behind our fabulous fizz date back much further than that, though.

Every bubble and bottle of Prosecco we produce is steeped in the proud, age-old traditions we have been working to since 1881. That’s when we first started harvesting the exceptional flavours of our picturesque vineyard, set in one of Europe’s finest regions for sparkling wine.

Each drop of Pink Prosecco we make must meet the exacting standards of the Prosecco Council, which is no problem — our winery is owned by the President, meaning you will only ever taste the highest calibre tipple.

We proudly boast DOC certification, an internationally-recognised protected status which can only be awarded to the finest fizz from our corner of the globe.

Pink Prosecco DOC Rosé is created using a combination of 12% Pinot Noir and 88% Glera grapes. Together they give our beautiful bubbly its subtle colouring. Each sip you take has spent a minimum of 14 weeks in magic tanks undergoing natural Charmat fermentation after a lifetime on sun-kissed vines. During this time the wine takes on its unique characteristics.

Uncork a bottle of Prosecco from us and before you drink in the fresh taste stop to appreciate its nose. You won’t be able to miss bright notes of apple, pear and red fruits like strawberries and blackberries. Now admire its perfect perlage — the bubbles.

In Pink Prosecco they form smaller and are more consistent than you might find in many other sparkling wines. This helps the flavours really make themselves known. The result is the perfect party drink, aperitif, appetiser accompaniment or partner for light meals such as fish.

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